Type Title / Description Market Year Published

MMU Assessment of the Buyer-Side Mitigation Exemption Tests for the Class Year 2015 Projects

NYISO 2017 Download

Comments on PJM’s Proposed Pseudo Tie Rules

Motion to Intervene and Protest of the MISO IMM Related to Proposed Changes to Pseudo Tie Rules

MISO, NYISO 2017 Download

Potomac Economics Comments on Uplift Cost Allocation

Uplift Cost Allocation and Transparency in Markets Operated by Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators

MISO, NYISO, ISO-NE 2017 Download

Dr. Patton Comments Regarding State Policies Affecting Eastern RTOs

NYISO, ISO-NE 2017 Download

2016 State of the Market Report for the New York ISO Markets

NYISO 2017 Download

MMU Comments and Motion to Intervene

Comments on the New York ISO on Proposed Tariff Revisions to Clarify and Enhance Transmission Constraint Pricing

NYISO 2017 Download

Comments on NYDPS Proposal re Gas LDC Rates to Electric Generators

NYISO 2017 Download

Quarterly Report – 2017 Q1

NYISO 2017 Download

Quarterly Report – 2017 Q2

NYISO 2017 Download

Evaluation of the Proposed Public Policy Transmission Projects in Western New York

NYISO 2017 Download