Southeast Energy Exchange Market

Potomac Economics serves as the Independent Market Auditor for the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM).

SEEM is a regional energy market in the Southeast U.S. that uses a centralized intra-hour energy exchange to create bilateral trade among its trading participants every 15 minutes. It has operated since November 2022 and now has 24 members. It is governed by the SEEM Membership Board. Potomac Economics performs the auditing role for SEEM in accordance with Market Rules approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The auditing process consists of the following elements:

  • Analyzing SEEM input, constraints, and matching results to determine if SEEM operates in accordance with the SEEM Rules. We have data transfer and storage architecture in place to receive SEEM data that supports the calculation of a number of screens involving inputs and outputs. The screens are calculated daily.
  • Ensuring participants have access to SEEM data in accordance with the SEEM Rules. Access to SEEM data involves allowing each SEEM participant to review its own bids and offers and to view matches made by the system. We are in receipt of the bid and offer data and verify that this data is available daily.
  • Reporting to the Membership Board regarding: (a) the reliability and accuracy of the SEEM System, and (b) any complaints received from a Participant to the Membership Board and to investigate further any such complaint at the Board’s direction. We provide monthly reports on our daily screens as well as the SEEM market outcomes and network usage.
  • Responding to written questions from Participants, FERC, NERC, state commissions in the region, Tennessee Valley Authority’s Inspector General, and any other applicable regulators that oversee the electric operations of any Member regarding the integrity of the matching process.