RTO Market Monitoring

Potomac Economics is the leading provider of market monitoring services for RTOs that operate wholesale electricity markets in the United States.

Potomac Economics serves as the Independent Market Monitor for the Midwest ISO, ERCOT, and for the New York ISO, providing all of the market monitoring for these markets.  Potomac Economics also serves as the External Market Monitoring Unit for ISO New England where we work collaboratively with its internal market monitoring unit.

In all of these capacities, Potomac Economics is responsible for evaluating the performance of the markets and identify attempts to exercise market power.  Potomac Economics’ market monitoring expertise and capabilities include:

  • A detailed and thorough understanding of nodal electricity markets and the associated market software systems used to operate the markets.
  • In-depth knowledge of RTO reliability requirements and the operating procedures invoked to satisfy these requirements.
  • Insight regarding the market design, trends, and operation of a broad array of RTOs that we monitor.
  • Potomac Economics’ proprietary market monitoring system, which includes software to:
    • Receive, store, screen and analyze market data;
    • Develop screens, indices, and economic models to assess potential withholding strategies; and
    • Produce automated market monitoring reports on market outcomes and market behavior;
  • The development of production-grade software for the RTOs to use to implement real-time market power mitigation measures.