Type Title / Description Market Year Published

Comments on Competitive Auctions for Sponsored Resources (CASPR) Proposal

ISO-NE 2018 Download

Wholesale Electricity Market Monthly Report – December 2017

ERCOT 2018 Download

Dynamic NCA Informational Posting

Generation shift factors and activation periods for DNCAs

MISO 2018 Download

Quarterly Monitoring Report on Duke Energy Carolinas – 2017 Q4

Other 2017 Download

Quarterly Report – Fall 2017

MISO 2017 Download

Wholesale Electricity Market Monthly Report – November 2017

ERCOT 2017 Download

Market Monitor Report for Auction 38

RGGI 2017 Download

Report on Best Practices in Wholesale Electricity Market Design

Prepared for the Alberta Market Surveillance Administrator

ERCOT, MISO, ISO-NE, NYISO, Other 2017 Download

Comments on Congestion Charge Overlap Issues

Comments of the MISO IMM regarding JOA revisions addressing congestion overlap issues

MISO 2017 Download

Quarterly Report on the Secondary Market – 2017 Q3

RGGI 2017 Download